Mastering Cityscape Photography


WORKSHOP Highlight

  • 2 hours of professional photography guidance

  • Tips and trick to shoot the perfect long exposure image

  • Getting off AUTO and learn to shoot in Manual modes

  • Receive one-on-one tuition from Adam Dyson on Composition, Lens length, using filters at sunset and during night and much much more.

  • Because we are a photography group we will have plenty of time to explore each locations. no need to rush.

  • Laugh and make new friends.

What you will learn

  • Basic camera settings. Shutter Speed, aperture and ISO and how they work together

  • How to correctly expose an image at night using a tripod

  • How to create the perfect light-trail

  • How to best use composition to create a dynamic image

  • Using reflections to balance the photo

  • When to use different lens lengths

  • Social media tips and tricks

What you need for the workshop.

  • Camera and Lens (any lens will do but a wide angle would be great)

  • A tripod, any tripod will do

  • Fully charged batteries and Memory cards

  • Filters would be great but not essential

  • Warm clothing and good quality shoes (we will walk about 1 km for the night)

On the afternoon. Time and Location:

Meeting at Fatto’s Bar at 7pm. From there we will walk as a group together. The workshop will wrap up at 9pm.


Reserve your position today. Bookings essential.

Group sizes limited to 7 people to give you all the best photography experience. Come along, have a laugh and make some friends.



Master Cityscape photography


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