Adam Dyson photography Workshops


Private and small group workshop avaliable   

Private workshops avaliable for all levels whether you have just bought your first DSLR or been shooting for years, I will tailor a workshop to suit your needs. Group discounts also avaliable (see pricing).

Workshops include;

  • Introduction to the basic functionality of camera

  • Understanding how ISO, shutter speed & aperture work together

  • Shooting in ‘manual’ mode

  • Understanding how to expose correctly

  • Understanding composition and framing techniques

  • How to use different focal length to create a dynamic image

  • How to control depth of field to enhance your photography

  • Using filters

  • How and when to use a tripod

Advance workshops also include;

  • Postproduction tips and tricks to finish your work off

  • social media tips and tricks to get your photography out there for the world to see


  • Private sunrise/sunset workshop (2-2.5 Hrs) $250aud

  • 2 person sunrise/sunset workshop (2-2.5 Hrs) $150aud Per person

  • Small group (3-6 people) sunrise/sunset workshop (2-2.5 hrs) $120aud per person

I am more than happy to come to you. Get 4 or more people together and I'll come to you. Anywhere in Victoria. :)

Post Processing Workshops

  • One-on-one photo editing workshop (1.5hrs $150)

  • Small group photo editing workshops (2-6 people) (2hrs $120p/p)

Post production workshop include coaching on photo editing, advice on colour balance and learning the basics of Photoshop and Lightroom. 

Note: Computer, programs and photos not included. 

One-on-One Photography Workshop
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I found the course most helpful . It was held outdoors and involved actually using the camera and of course taking many pictures as the light changed. Adam explained technique and camera use as well as many hints and tricks. I highly recommend Adam and can assure you that you will enjoy the course.
— Peter Fishley, Portarlington