Blood Moon, Great Ocean Road 2018


Blood Moon, Great Ocean Road 2018

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**Blood Moon, July 2018**
Landscape photography and getting new and exciting images often takes lot of driving and this night was no exception. After picking a lens up from Melbourne at 4pm I drove around litterally the entire night (oh, with a 2 hour sleep break) looking for the perfect tree that was going to sit in the right location. After 150kms driving around at 40km/h I pretty much ended up back at the same places I started. That's always the way hey?

*Camera and shooting techniques (for those who are interested) FujiFilm Xt-2 with the 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 shot as a 6 shot vertical panorama at 300mm (450mm equivalent) with the moon focus stacked for details and cropped in post production. Luckily this location is right next to the highway so the light on the tree itself is from the pasting cars as well as ambient light from the sunrise.

Printed on Fine Art 100% Cotton Rag paper.

Note: This price includes print only, framing is available email me for details.

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